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Buy products related to 39 clues books and see what customers say about 39 clues books on. This site is a reference intended to track all the information about the mystery surrounding a the 39 clues, a 10 book series from scholastic supplemented by trading cards and online elements. Here is one of my codes for the first 39 clues book. Youve experienced the stories, now experience the game with the 39 clues card packs. The maze of bones 39 clues 1 book summary and study guide. If cheat is usable dont forgot thumbs up smartgreen and share this with your freinds. There is, as mentioned, more series within these novels, and the second one is called cahills vs vespers, and begins with a book called the medusa plot. Dec 19, 2016 ideas for the possible tv show, pictures for the collectable cards, fan art, and photos from cahill travel locations. I picked out the coolest cards and the cards that can help you on the missions.

Codes for the cards the 39 clues wiki fandom powered by wikia. One other has the serum these codes are only from the. The 39 clues series includes 10 books, each by a different wellknown author such as gordon korman and jude watson, with a new one coming out every two or three months. Each card has a unique code used to enter it online, and add it to your collection to help you solve the 39 clues. These books have cards with unique codes that can be used in the hunt for the 39 clues on the official website. The 39 clues is a series of adventure novels written by a collaboration of authors, including rick riordan, gordon korman, peter lerangis, jude watson, patrick carman, linda sue park, margaret peterson haddix, roland smith, david baldacci, jeff hirsch, natalie standiford, c. This page belongs to the 39 clues section of this wiki.

See more ideas about the 39 clues, collectible cards and good books. The tip of the front cover on the purple book trust no one shows damage from use. They act as a blockade to stop your opponent from stealing or sabotaging your deck. Then visit amy and ian in the 39 clues zone to receive your mission briefing. The 39 clues cheats, walkthrough, cheat codes, trainer. Dec 27, 2008 this is a video that tells you some of the card codes to the new book series the 39 clues. The 39 clues card codes thursday, september 23, 2010. Type in the code found on each game card in your account on. Can someone tell me what book codes are for my 39 clues blog book one code is anne cahill did not drown book two code is look to india book three code is this competition is about hope book four code is alistair was there the night they died book five code is book six code is find the other ekaterina scientist who came to close.

Feb 11, 2009 seceret code from the 39 clues book two. Then thereafter, there is a third series called unstoppable. Book 5s is olivia had another and book six is find the ekaterina scientist who came too close. If you have a one of the two cards, please comment and have one of the codes on your comment.

One belief has sustained fourteenyearold amy cahill and her younger brother, dan, on their hunt for the 39 clues. Play online missions to receive top secret messages, crack codes, and reveal more clues. The code is knnj sn hmchz its not a card code, and its not an anagram theres no vowels, and if its a different type of code, then i dont have the key. Those are the cards that have the two locked clues and card 67 is the one with the clue peter lerangis found in the new york subway. What are the 39 clues card codes for book 1 answers. Solving website missions and inputting ultrarare cards codes unlocks one of the 39 clues. Now the clue race is on, and young amy and dan must decide whats important.

Read download the 39 clues 2 one false note pdf pdf. In the 39 clues game double cross, replicator cards give the player the chance to. The 39 clues book, sword theif, some cards included, codes used, maybe. I originally thought vespers rising was the first book in the second 39 clues series, but it turns out its actually the bridge book that links the two parts together. Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from wikipedia or other free sources online. Everyone from napoleon to houdini is related to the cahills, yet the source of the family power is lost. My kid is disappointed and im annoyed at the advertising surrounding the books and codes. William mcintyre winston macarthur isabel kabra robby smith. List of the 39 clues characters, the 39 clues cards, the maze of bones, into the gauntlet, one false note, the emperors code, storm warning, the sword thief, the vipers nest, beyond the grave, the black circle, in too deep. Hope refers to either hope cahill or the hope diamond.

New users that sign up on the 39 clues website get six default cards. For a 39 clues fan, there is ample reading material for them to take in. Books are going to a new place, but you have to follow the clues to get there. They may appear in the 39 clues books and audiobooks, cards, or the series official website teams team 1. The program and story spans 10 adrenalinecharged books, 355 trading cards, and an online game where readers become a participant in the story and compete in the hunt for the 39 clues. The cards are gone and the code answer, as well as answers for the next two books. The 39 clues books set the story, and the cards, website and game allow kids to participate in it. Amy and dan cahill are at the center of a mystery adventure reminiscent of the davinci code book and national treasure movies. Amy and dan dont know, but fans of the 39 clues series will soon find out. Join amy and dan as they begin the hunt for the 39 clues in book one. The 39 clues frequently asked questions scholastic.

May 26, 2010 please tell me the card codes of book 1. The first cahill card series features 55 thoroughly intriguing evidence cards that kids need to hunt down the 39 clues. Each card leads to one online clue, which readers can unlock by entering the code on the cards on their 39 clues account online. The 39 clues is a groundbreaking, multidimensional new series aimed at 912 year olds. The 39 clues frequently asked questions what is the 39 clues. The 39 clues complete boxed set 111 and digital cards rick riordan on. Enter the unique code from your cards in your account on. The inside game card cover for the maze of bones is torn. The 39 clues uses collectible cards to expand readers experience of the series. The 39 clues book series set lot of 16 few cards used condition. What makes this series so unique is the fact that 7 authors are writing 10 novels to tell a single continuous story. Dan gets stuck in one of the rails while trying to retrieve the photo of their parents, his only. Police report a breakin at an elite hotel, and the suspects.

It also gives you the code to an exclusive scholastic card of natalie kabra. The 39 clues is a hunt for the 39 clues that can make a person the most powerful person in the world. This cheat for the 39 clues pc has been posted at 08 nov 2010 by smartgreen and is called reusable codes. When you are done reading, go to the front of the book and take out your game cards. London does have a large population of indianbrits. On the 39 clues website there are some cards that more than 1. If you mean agent card code then you can get your agent card code in the agent card option in my cards. Join dan and amy cahill in their quest to uncover the 39 clues.

Now the clues race is on, and young amy and dan must decide whats important. May 22, 2009 when you go to 39 clues,there are two white lines, one over the password and username,click on them and they shall be shone to you. Game cards hold secrets you need to find the 39 clues. Oct 20, 2009 author number 2 of 5, gordon korman, transitions readers smoothly into book two, one false note, and manages to strengthen the readers relationship with the characters.

These cards unlock an extra game in their corresponding online missions. And remember you can only use this code once per account. Minutes before she died grace cahill changed her will, leaving her decendants an impossible decision. Amy and dan cahill were spotted on a train, hot on the trail of one of 39 clues hidden around the world. Olivias the mother of all founders, but the code in book five means she had 5 children, the last is madeleine, the founder of madrigals. My 39 clues blog book one code is anne cahill did not drown book two code is look to india book three code is this competition is about hope book four code is alistair was there the night they died book five code is book six code is find the other ekaterina scientist who came to close book seven is called the vipers nest. Codes for the cards the 39 clues wiki fandom powered. I just got the 39 clues card pack for books 1,2,and 3. Everyone from napoleon to houdini is related to the cahills, yet the source of. Book codes book one code is anne cahill did not drown.

Prestige cards are a kind of bonus card, and are only used in the 39 clues game, double cross. Richard saladin richard smith richard sales benjamin franklin richard sankins theodore roosevelt grace cahill what did the sign. The 39 clues complete boxed set 111 and digital cards. One card of each book in the doublecross series will form a part of the master plan of the outcast. I picked out the coolest cards and the cards that can help you on th.

The 39 clues is a wonderful book series, website and a set of game cards from scholastic that combines reading, exploring history and competing to find all 39 clues. Five minutes before she died, grace cahill, the rich and powerful matriarch of the cahill family, changed her will. This book contains 16 cards total, for books one, two, and three. One drawback is that you cannot really trade them, because even duplicate cards have different codes. The 39 clues series secret code with array page numbers. The 39 clues is about the cahill family which is the most powerful family in this world. The series presents a giant mystery that readers must try to decipher, using trading cards and a website, along with the books. The highoctane adventures will continue for a total of ten exhilarating books written by wellknown authors over two years.

He was raised to believe that the cahills were weaklings and that the power of the clues belonged in vesper hands. It is a cool accessory to have if you are a fan of the series. The maze of bones by rick riordan is the first in a new transmedia series that connects books, clues, and website experiences together. Arthur trent was born into a family with close ties to the vespers the only other family that knows about the 39 clues excluding the cahills. They act in the form of you gaining the ability to take. The 39 clues uses collectible cards to expand readers. Secret cards almost always have some sort of code in them for you to crack, and will often have the top secret tab in the card description. The 39 clues news issue 3 firstly, a thing about the blog is that there will be hidden codes you have to high light anywhere on posts or on the blog and you might find a card code now, on with 39 clues news. If you have watched the latest peter lerangis video you will know there is a code to crack. Money cards are a kind of bonus card, and are only used in the 39 clues game, double cross. As the cahill siblings continue on their journey to win the race by solving the mystery of all 39 clues, determination and self discovery are key themes. Inputting cards codes on the website either unlocks a secret file or is part of a clue combo.

Location cards are any cards that show or describe either a clue location, historic site, etc. Characters timeline puzzles surveillance codes clue unlocks cahill web registration book 1 book 2 book 3 book 4 book 5 book 6 book 7 book 8 book 9 book 10 agent handbook black book of buried secrets. The 39 clues books also have 5 spin off series cahills vs vespers, rapid fire, the cahill files, unstoppable and doublecross. Information on the 39 clues, book info, branches info, book codes and card codes. The 39 clues cards have codes by which you unlock cards. The 39 clues card pack 1 is an accessory that goes along with scholastics 39 clues series. The cheat have a rating 7 by 7 our users and has been commented 25 times. I found a code hidden in chapters 10 and 11 from the second book one false note. The front side of the cards are custommade by each agent and the back of each card describes their achievements in the 39 clues. Sep 12, 2011 here is one of my codes for the first 39 clues book.

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