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Section 5, part 1 108 122007 aar open top loading rules manual fig. Aar intermodal interchange rules including billing and. Issued 23february 2016 2 the defect acceptance criteria for the tank shell welding is to be in accordance with aar appendix w. General advertising on freight cars is prohibited by aar interchange rule 84. Aar open top loading rules revisions effective august 20, 2008. Editor of the 2008 edition of the rule of law handbook and u. The goal of the handbook is to go beyond a mere recitation of recent aar comments. Attached dunnage may be applied to either the top or bottom of packages.

Interchange rules association of american railroads on. Field manual of the aar interchange rules, rule 66 and title 49 cfr part 224. Ari 300 tank car and underframe structural inspection bulletin. The definition appears in the field manual of the aar interchange rules at rule 1. Aar rule 66 all cars must be equipped by november 28, 2015 car owners who file a reflectorization implementation compliance report ricr must identify the cars covered by the plan in umler. In addition, the atc203 report, case studies in rapid postearthquake safety evaluation of buildings, published in 1996, provides more than 50 detailed case studies of safety evaluation on a wide range of building types and damage conditions. Does anyone here have what all is prohibited from interchange under aar rule 90. The 40 years only applies to cars built before a particular date in 1974. Yr in letters at least 1 high on both sides of the cars.

Union pacific mechanical department has set the following policy for cars over 40 years of age, built prior to july 1974, which do not have an aar rule 88 rebuild or. The current msrp section e is available through the transportation technology center inc. Warm trending rules for field manual implemented in 2008. Appendix e service fees transportation technology center. This new rule represents a comprehensive effort to codify under one umbrella many of the formerly fragmented rules dealing with truck wear limits, maintenance criteria and inspection standards. Rule of law handbook, a practitioners guide for judge advocates. All freight cars built or rebuilt prior to january 1, 1957. The association of american railroads aar has promulgated a new rule 46 in the field manual of the aar interchange rules. This new rule represents a comprehensive effort to. Scale handbook compliance 5000 field and office manuals intermodal msrp open top loading rules circulars. As a courtesy, we are providing the following information to inform our customers about new aar rule changes. The laws, rules and regulations referred to above, include association of american railroads aar. Bnsf has been advised that the association of american railroads aar has issued revisions to its open top loading rules, effective wednesday, august 20, 2008.

The current msrp section e is available through the. Double plug doors secured with doubles straps 220 832 47in. Aar manual of standards and recommended practices lettering and marking of cars s920 aar component identification cid bar code standard standard s920 adopted. Pressure retaining valves less than standard 3position type. The student will become familiar with the aar field manual as a guide to the fair andprope handling of all railcar repair matters. The agency also requested comments on alternative levels of the 8hour primary ozone standard, within a range from 0. Any repair performed to an interchange freight car by a company other than thecar owner or car owners agent. Ari 300 tank car and underframe structural inspection bulletin american railcar industries, inc. B 2 per 8 ft or less of load length extending above car.

Aar manual of standards and recommended practices tables of content preface the manual of standards and recommended practices of the safety and operations department, association of american railroads, is issued by authority of the management committee of the division and includes all regularly adopted specifications, standards, and recommended. These manuals, somewhat detailed and voluminous in size with the field manual being in excess of 700 pages and the office manual being in excess of 500 pages, are guides to the fair and proper handling of freight. For more information regarding aar rule updates, please contact brent lichty, senior engineer shipment quality. This information is to be published in appendix d of the aar field manual and is intended to be used in establishing and maintaining all codification used in the railroad industry car repair. New aar maintenance rules for freight car trucks january 4, 2014 filed under. Every nation has the responsibility to implement acodp1 rules and procedures. Ive tried looking on the internet and all i have found is a partial list that had 5 items and etc. Effective for inspections after january 1, 1996, when tank cars have been inspected in accord with field manual rule 88.

Aar intermodal interchange rules appendix b correct unit repair procedures 112016 3 2 joining aluminum and wood component s a apply a protective coating to wood surfaces. Code of air brake system tests for freight brake equipment. The proposed changes to field manual rules 44 and 63 and office manual rule 112 are included in the circular. They can be rebuilt per aar rule 88 to extend their interchange life. B2 stencil when tank cars have been inspected in compliance with aar field manual rule 88 b. Price masters contain the costs for repairs as specified in the aar field manual of. Aar rules and regulations june 1, 2016 introduces the association of american railroads aar guidelines and standards for repair of all classifications of railcars. The stencil should have letters at least 1 high and be applied on both sides of the tank car near the consolidated stencil. Aar technical committee activities at ttci railcartech. Responses to frequently asked questions concerning rule. Note that july 2018 changes are not included in this presentation, nor are many changes that were. Norfolk southern railway company 110 franklin road, s.

To this end, only excerpts of a rule or specification may be reproduced by the. Aar rule 88 mechanical requirements for acceptance. Section 320 the nato supply classification handbook. Responses to frequently asked questions concerning rule 611 and rule 610 of regulation nms. Association of american railroads tables of content. Cars not properly registered in the aar umler file, as required by the umler specification manual. All railroads and private car owners should have copies of the interchange rules that govern the mechanical requirements for freight cars. The handbook of international humanitarian law, 3e edition, oxford. Aar rule 90 trains magazine trains news wire, railroad. Car service directives csd oders issued by the aar that. I have heard there is a 50 year limit for cars built after that date, but i cannot find anything in the aar interchange office manual. Rule 99 intent of the rule handling line does not get relief from the responsibility to the car owner. They include field manual 324, counterinsurgency 2006, field manual 307.

S casting details sii truck details and casting codes siii coupler and yoke details indirect responsibility for some specifications in sections d and b supports 9 aar field manual interchange rules. The aar rules are more detailed and are formulated in two manuals, designated aar field manual and aar office manual. Safety and operations 425 third street, sw washington, d. In the application of all rules contained in this manual, cars shall be treated as belonging to companies or individuals whose reporting marks are stenciled on the car. To request a new oldc account or to add additional permissions to an existing account, please complete the oldc request form on the following page. Laminated bearing pieces and separators are not permitted unless aar approved and stamped. Prevention des chutes chez les personnes agees a domicile. Sideframe and bolster non conformance tracking fill out the fields below, you have the ability to add pictures on the next screen.

Find publications on railroad interchange rules, open top loading rules, standards, and other technical topics. Minimum loading standards for plywood and similar building products in closed cars. This rule applies to 8 ft and 9 ft ties on 73 ft car and to 8 ft 6 in. For more information regarding aar rule updates, please contact brent lichty, senior.

Requirements for acceptance of the field manual of the aar interchange rules, rule 88. The aar interchange rules which specify the inspection, repair, and handling requirements of interchange freight cars. Aar manual of standards and recommended practices railway electronics s918 standard for automatic equipment identification standard s918 1. Because of recent increases in safety concerns due to loose scrap materials falling from gondola rail cars, figure 87, section 2 of the open top loading rules. Responsible for about 70 aar standards, specifications, and recommended practices pertaining to castings in msrp sections. The field manual is required to be on hand at all railroad freight car repair facilities and affiliated contract shops. Code of air brake system tests for freight brake equipment aar standard s486 august 2018. Field manual rule 1 publications aar technical services. Handling line will ensure car mark owner receives a no charge car repair data record. Defect card or endorsed jic dated january 3, 2008 from railroad yyyy during car owners. Aar association of american railroads ttci aar publications railinc. When complete, email or fax the form to the oldc lead. April 4, 2008 update last updated on june 8, 2007 responses to these frequently asked questions faqs were prepared by and represent the views of the staff of the division of trading and markets staff.

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